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Don Teolis

NuovoGiorno, which translates to “New Day” in English, is one of Don’s most gratifying projects in recent years. Going back to his first love, which is music, Don and his friends from Florence founded Nuovogiorno in 2007 while he was working as an English language Instructor in Tuscany.  Don, who prefers to spend as much time as he can in Italy, enjoys working with his friends at Nuovogiorno and collaborating with the high caliber musical talent that abounds throughout Italy. Whether it’s helping to develop songwriting chops, assisting with studio projects, or helping to source the right artist for the right song, Don is truly in his element.

Faustino Riccitelli

Faustino is a native of Tuscany.  He is a composer and multi instrumentalist who enjoys working with all genres of music from classical to contemporary.   Faustino and Don met in 2007 to form NuovoGiorno and began writing together.  They have composed songs for dozens of NuovaGiorno members who have gone on to record and perform them.  Faustino handles NuovoGiorno’s communications and project coordination and holds the title of Project Manager.

Gasparo Borghese

Gasparo was born in Argentina and now lives in Italy.  He is a pianist and an Audio Engineer who has worked in the music industry in South America and Europe for over 20 years.  With NuovoGiorno, Gasparo works as the number one advisor for all technical and studio related issues.  One of his greatest assets is his innate ability to transform any percussion track into the perfect rhythmic foundation for a song.  Gasparo holds the title of Technical Advisor.

Renata Spadavecchio

Renata is a multi instrumentalist who plays piano, violin and stand-up bass.  She was born in Rome but enjoys spending time in the USA with her family in New York.  She is involved in a number of NuovoGiorno jazz and classical projects and is our Secretary and "la nostra matriarca bella".

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